About Us

Stein IP LLC is a full service intellectual property law firm with an emphasis on intellectual property creation and maximization. With a diverse clientele, including large multinational corporations, as well as small to midsize domestic and international companies, the attorneys of Stein IP LLC have worked with and counseled clients on the use of intellectual property as a tool for maximizing the protection of their research and development efforts.

We create and protect intellectual property portfolios, and defend against and determine ways for our clients to avoid infringement of all forms of intellectual property, such as patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, Internet and related areas of law. At Stein IP LLC, we help our clients to secure their property rights in new ideas and advances and maximize the returns on such endeavors. Stein IP LLC specializes in intellectual property and technology-related matters worldwide




Not sure where to start? We know the process and the formalities can be difficult. We can do more than just file your application. We specialize in prosecution. Let us take the wheel and have one of our expert attorneys draft your patent application. We will be with you every step of the way from drafting your patent to obtaining grant.



Foreign clients:   we prosecute PCT, National Phase and Non-Provisional applications claiming right of priority of an earlier foreign filed application.

Domestic Clients:   we expand your proctection filing internationally using our foreign associates or our client's preference.



We litigate all matters of Intellectual Property. We can represent you as Petitioner/Plaintiff or as Respondent/Defendant.

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