Dr. Norman Lifshuz


Northwestern University , Ph.D Chem
Northwestern University , M.S. Chem
The Cooper Union, B.S. Chem

Practice Areas


Engineered Fibers






American Filtration & Separations Society


Dr. Norman Lifshutz started his chemical engineering career as a research scientist for Uniroyal Inc., where he managed a product development group responsible for ongoing research with fiber to rubber adhesion. Dr. Lifshutz was successful in the development of numerous adhesive systems for use in tires, conveyor belts, V-belts, hoses, vinyl coated fabrics and footwear Dr. Lifshutz also assisted in the establishment of a biomechanics laboratory for the study of sport shoe performance as well as an adhesive assembly process for the manufacture of footwear.


Dr. Lifshutz was responsible for product improvement and development, process improvement and development, and customer technical service at a specialty paper and nonwoven fabric manufacturing operation. He established the operating parameters of a new melt¬blowing process, and managed development of a basic product line.


Dr. Lifshutz also managed the development of processes for producing multilayered wetlaid papers in a single pass on Fourdrinier, inclined wire, and rotoformer paper machines. He developed computational models of the paper forming process on rotoformer and inclined wire paper machines, and the multipass flat sheet hydraulic filtration test.



Dr. Lifshutz is recognized for the following Patent Applications and Grants


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US 5,645,627

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US 7,097,939

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WO 1999014431 A1

US 11/277575