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My Favorite Invention – Reverse Folding Umbrella

Shuyu Wang

Law Clerk – Summer 2020

My Favorite Invention – Reverse Folding Umbrella

Imagine this situation: it is pouring outside but you still have to drive to work. You hold a folding umbrella to your car at an open-air parking lot. You fold your umbrella when you get into the car, but you have to stick your arms outside to have the umbrella fully folded, making your jacket wet. You feel pretty awful about this upsetting start of the day.

We all have experienced this kind of annoying situation, and a reverse folding umbrella is a game-changer. A reverse folding umbrella allows the supporting rods to be rotated upwards, keeping the wet surface of the canopy inwardly folded. This feature frees us from worrying about water dripping inside our cars or buildings.