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My Favorite Invention – The Baby Stroller

Katie Anderson

Law Clerk – Summer 2020

My Favorite Invention – The Baby Stroller

I am grateful for the invention of the baby stroller. In the early 1700s, a man named William Kent developed a miniature animal-drawn carriage to amuse children. This small carriage carried children and could be pulled by ponies, donkeys, or even smaller animals. As time passed, creative parents eyed the amusing invention, added handlebars for easy pushing, and removed the animal reins. Thus, the modern stroller was invented. 

Without strollers, I would not be able to handle my rambunctious nephew. He can walk on his own, but he tires easily. As most parents can agree, having the luxury of safely placing a child into a stroller makes going about one’s normal activities much easier. I learned this the hard way. I recommend always checking to make sure the stroller is packed before taking a one-year-old on an excursion to the shopping mall. Parents everywhere can thank the stroller for making traveling with children simpler.