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My Favorite Invention – Thermos

Law Clerk – Summer 2020

My favorite invention is the vacuum insulated thermos. While the original vacuum flask was created by scientist Sir James Dewar in order to preserve the temperature of certain chemicals, the popular vacuum insulated thermos was patented back in 1906 by Dewar’s professional glass blower Reinhold Burger and his business partner Albert Aschenbrenner.

The vacuum insulated thermos’s portable nature and vacuum insulated technology is ideal for morning commuters rushing out the door who want to bring their hot beverage with them! As a law student who has grown increasingly dependent on caffeine, I could not get through the day without my thermos. My thermos is life changing as I can keep it securely in my backpack and take it out during class when in need of an extra caffeine boost without worrying about spilling my coffee on my notes or laptop!