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The Masters: A Trademark Unlike Any Other

by Matt Digan

As of March 3, 2020, Augusta National, Inc. possesses a federally registered trademark in the iconic green and gold color scheme for the jackets that have become synonymous with The Masters Tournament and professional golfing excellence generally. While Augusta National, Inc. had already successfully registered “GREEN JACKET” as a trademark, among other registrations, it did not own any rights in the design and color scheme of its famous jackets.[1]

Specifically, the description of the trademark states that, “[t]he mark consists of the colors green and gold where the color green is applied to the jacket and the color gold is applied to the three waist buttons and the two sleeve buttons on each arm of the jacket.”[2] 

The Registration is for International Class 035 (“promotion of goods and services through sponsorships of sports events”) and International Class 041 (“organizing and conducting golf tournaments”).[3]

While the registration of a color or color scheme in connection with goods has been quite common for some time, Augusta National, Inc.’s registration of a color scheme in connection with a service demonstrates the development of source identification and what may be possibly registered as a trademark with the USPTO.[4]

The 2020 Masters Tournament was postponed in early March from its usual first weekend in April spot to November 12-15 due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of who wins this weekend, the winner will be donning the green jacket with the comfort of knowing it is protected under federal trademark law.


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