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The USPTO Goes Paperless

By Joshua Garfinkel

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on May 6, 2022, stipulating, “[p]atent term extension (PTE) applications, interim PTE applications, and any related submissions to the USPTO be submitted electronically via the USPTO patent electronic filing system (EFS-Web or Patent Center)” (USPTO, 2022, #27043-27044). In line with the goals of the Department of Information Technology, this change is just one of the many policies dedicated to digitizing all records and optimizing the application process.

Paperless Trademark Registrations With Option for Hard Copies

Starting June 7, 2022, the USPTO will begin issuing electronic trademark registration certificates. Digitizing the filing system will benefit trademark applicants, making it easier to access their registrations and expedite certificate delivery.


Paperless Patent Registrations With Option for Hard Copy Under Consideration

This year, 37 CFR 1.315 is on the docket for repeal; a rule which dictates patents must be submitted by paper. The switch to a paperless filing system will allow patents to be available far more expediently. Consequently, applicants would have less time to file continuing applications, Quick Path Information Disclosure Statements, or petitions to withdraw an application from issue. The date for which 37 CFR 1.315 is to be repealed has not been set yet.



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