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Biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, molecular oncology, protein biochemistry, bioinformatics, genomics, gene arrays, stem cells, proteomics, biological sensors, expression systems, gene therapy, bioassays, vaccine technology and immunology, monoclonal antibodies, neurobiology, molecular diagnostics, bioengineering.


Pharmaceutical Sciences, new chemical entities, novel compounds, crystalline (polymorphic) forms, solvates, hydrates, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical formulations, high throughput systems, compound libraries, combinatorial chemistry, extraction, separation, isolation and purification technologies, pharmaceutical chemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, routes of synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), diagnostics, theranostics, pharmacogenomics, all various types of therapeutic applications (e.g., hepatic, renal, anti-inflammatory, pulmonary, endocrine, cardiovascular, CNS, immune, antibiotic, antiviral, etc).