Optoelectronics has rapidly become a very important field on its own.


Harvesting the benefits of the interactions between light and electric fields, such as where electronic devices generate, detect and control light, has applications in so many industries.

A knowledge of physics, the way light operates and electronics is crucial to grasping the potential of optoelectronics.

Displays, communications, lasers and detectors are just a few examples where optoelectronic devices come into play.

Stein IP attorneys have the interdisciplinary know-how to work with inventors and the USPTO in getting the broadest possible patent protection for its clients, and given the huge potential in the future for optoelectronics, place a great deal of effort to keep abreast of the general and more specific developments involving the many facets of optoelectronics.

The types of devices we have worked with include solar cells, phototransistors, photoconductive elements, laser diodes, and optical fibers.

Given the huge potential in the future for optoelectronics, the attorneys at Stein IP place a great deal of emphasis in keeping abreast