Solar ~ Wind ~ Water

Adding Value, Protecting and Promoting Innovation Wth its Renewable Energy Law Group, Stein IP adds value to innovation with regard to the full range of renewable energy projects.

In particular, Stein IP advises clients in the following areas:


  • Wind energy technology and project development support, both onshore and offshore
  • Energy storage and accumulation technologies
  • Ocean energy concepts under development, including wave, tidal and ocean current energy generation
  • Solar power generation, storage and transmission, with photovoltaic or concentrated solar power
  • Biomass, biofuels, and waste to energy technologies.

From protecting secrecy of ground-breaking improvements to technology and efficiency, to making a utility scale project financially feasible, Stein IP is capable of providing clients, such as developers and investors, with effective and efficient solutions from both the intellectual property perspective and the development point of view.


The success of harnessing sustainable energy resources demands innovation as well as practical solutions to legal issues.

tein IP not only understands how to best preserve our clients' research and development investments, but we also can effectively introduce new innovation to the commercial marketplace. In addition, we also provide a wide variety of project development services for our clients, such as:


Advising on protecting the client's intellectual property rights when developed with project partners; Developing special purpose vehicles for project development or demonstration projects, and managing the legal needs of renewable energy projects from early stages through to project financing


Negotiating acquisitions of renewable energy projects and new technologies;

Licensing services on behalf of technology developers


IP and other legal due diligence services for developers of new technology and projects;

Negotiating and drafting contracts to secure the client's renewable energy project rights and/or intellectual property


Forming joint ventures and other forms of formal legal relationships on behalf of clients seeking to commercialize new technology or seeking to secure project financing.


We appreciate that the renewable energy industry has as its competition a full range of alternative forms of energy derived from fossil fuels, which for the time being remain an inexpensive option.


New technology and new ideas are critical to making the full range of renewable energy projects commercially viable in the near term, and Stein IP is glad to offer legal services that will add value to those in the renewable energy industry who share that vision.