Licensing is a mechanism for obtaining value from intellectual property and promoting existing as well as future innovation.


Joining two or more complementary products or services or both can create a synergy that lends meaning to the phrase "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

At Stein IP, we counsel our clients on the licensing of all forms of intellectual property to maximize the returns of our clients' intellectual property, and also on the effects such licenses and alliances have on the law of competition.

Our attorneys have worked in the private sector, for government agencies and as counsel on a whole array of licensing in fields such as diverse as electronics and biotechnology, mechanical and chemical, software and pharmaceuticals.

In a similar vein, tech transfer, whether by license or sale, has grown increasingly important as technology itself becomes more complex and the pace of change of technology becomes ever smaller.

Clients need to know that they are getting the rights they need or giving away only the rights they intend, in any given tech transfer transaction.

Stein IP attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to look at any transaction, whether large or small, make quick decisions, and pay attention to the smallest of details.

We understand how contracts may be interpreted, and draft and review the same to ensure that the legal interpretations are consistent and in line with our clients' expectations, goals and plans.